Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A busy week ahead...

1)My wooden flowers from Earth Day at Block Institute.
2) Walking lunges with Kettlebell, infront of my house (What you don't see is the cheering section of adolescent boys across the street).
3)MORE walking lunges (And you can see my cute Kettlebell camisole- it's PINK!)
4)Ellen and I, pressing it out (Notice my tongue sticking out- SUPER FOCUS IN ACTION!)
5) Are we done yet?
6)I like the exercises that involve laying down...

Happy Earth Day! This morning, I went over to the Block Institute on Bay 44th to have some green fun with the students! This is by far one of my favorite places to visit as Miss Brooklyn (they had me as their guest for Read Across America day a few months back); the staff is friendly, the kids are adorable and enthusiastic, and it's less than a 10 minute ride from my apartment!

First stop: the lobby, where a plant sale was held! I spotted tomato and basil plants, to name a few (and now I'm in the mood for pizza!). I helped set up a display to sell some beautiful wooden roses- and ended up buying myself a dozen, which are now brightening the window sill in my kitchen (see above)!

Next, we headed outside to the composting station, where I helped the kids separate composting worms from compost that was ready to go to the garden! Much to the delight of the students (and horror of the teachers), I dug right in, bare handed, to play with the worms and dirt! We then headed to the garden, where we picked rocks, tilled some soil, and weeded (again, barehanded- I'm such a lady...). After sorting plastics and cans for recycling, I helped one class plant marigolds in a large planter infront of the school, and then headed back inside to check out the "green" projects each classroom had on display. As always, it was a pleasure visiting Block Institute, and I hope to return soon! (Photos to follow- I had some technical issues w/ my camera, but Block Institute's wonderfull Todd will email me pictures from his camera soon!)

I had a few hours to relax (it's my day off, after all!) before Ellen, the official fitness sponsor of Miss Brooklyn 2009, came for my routine butt-kicking... and she brought presents!!!! (Two adorable kettlebell tank tops- one of which is featured in the above photos, and wrist guards- because I'm a little wimpy!) When she decided I had been abused enough, we called it a night, and scheduled our next appointment for Sunday!

On Friday, I'll be appearing with Miss Manhattan 2009, Inga Schlingmann, at Americorp's Pre-Mother's Day celebration, held at Project Reach Youth in Brooklyn. We'll be posing for/ signing photos, and there will be all sorts of fun Mom-appreciation-esque stuff (pampering makeovers, chair massages, stress relief stations, recipe exchanges...).

Saturday PM I'll be appearing at the Darling Diva's Fashion Show at Brooklyn College!

Photos from earlier today and this weekend to follow!