Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just A Writer Alone In The Woods...

It's been a busy summer! Here's a long overdue recap of my playwrighting residency at Wildacres Retreat in Little Switzerland, NC.

 I have three new plays in the works, but carving out time to sit down, relax and let the writing happen is difficult. I can write a page of blog material in ten minutes, but it could take me three hours to write a page of dialogue for a play. Creative writing is just a slower process (for me, anyways). After writing and performing my one-woman show, A Woman In Progress, I found myself with a renewed passion for writing. When I found out that I had been accepted to Brooklyn College’s MFA Acting program, I knew that in the fall, I would have very little time for anything but my studies. If I wanted to crank out another play, or two (or three), it HAD to happen this summer.

Wildacres exceeded my expectation in EVERY regard! The artist’s cabin is separate from the main retreat to allow for privacy and focus, a brisk 20 walk (/hike) down the gravel road. The cabin is beautifully appointed, generously sized, and inspiring in and of itself. The grounds and facilities are gorgeous. The best part by far, though, is the staff. I have never felt more at home with a group of people I just met. I’m referred to as the “cabin dweller”- the affectionate nickname given to the current resident artist. 

 Fred and Mary Kay- my surrogate grandparents for the week! 

The amazing Sherry Lovett- storyteller extraordinaire!

The property is stunningly gorgeous. I mean, how can you NOT be inspired by this?

It was a productive week! I'm almost completely finished with a draft of a new piece called His Brother's War, the first installment in a three-piece adaptation of Aeschlyus' Oresteia.

I'm so grateful to everyone at Wildacres for this wonderful opportunity!