Sunday, September 11, 2011

Auditions in the AM, Audience in the PM

Yesterday AM the MFA and BFA actors (along with a few BA students) auditioned for the remaining roles in one of Brooklyn College's fall productions. Usually, BC casts the fall shows in the spring and tries to avoid casting first semester MFA students (so as not to overload us), but there are a few openings in Sarah Ruhl's Eurydice, so we all went in to show our work and introduce ourself both to the faculty and student directors. 

Auditions went well! Afterwards, I spent some time relaxing on campus with my fellow female 1st year cohorts- Andrea and Sarah! 
Last night, I schlepped across Brooklyn (quite the arduous task, as my regular train wasn't running- I DEFINITELY got my workout in for the day) to see the Glass Bandits Theatre Company's production of The Little Mermaid (Hans Christian Andersen style, NOT Michael Eisner style). They set up a bare-bones stage in the middle of the park- I brought a blanket and arrived early for a front-row seat!

I was joined by my MFA Acting classmate Jeremy and his beautiful wife, Laura!

And two other classmates- Aaron and Patrick (as seen in my latest beach excursion). 

From L to R- myself, Aaron, Patrick and Jeremy- evidently we can't get enough of each other, as we spend all day, every day, together in class and STILL socialize on the weekends... :)

The Little Mermaid was absolutely breathtaking. A solid ensemble cast provided gorgeous and haunting a capella vocals, mesmerizing puppet work and a heartfelt and honest portrayal of a story that is often watered down to make it less tragic. The choreography was perfection. The lighting (something you wouldn't think you'd notice in a park) was perfection. The direction was... perfection. I adored EVERY detail of this well thought out production, as did all of my cohorts. Bravo! 

And now... I'm off to callbacks from yesterday's auditions for Brooklyn College's production of Sarah Ruhl's Eurydice. They're seeing myself and a few other females to fill in some small parts that weren't cast last fall, but a few of my classmates are up for the male lead! Send good vibes! :)