Thursday, June 11, 2009

Broken Crayons

Early last year, I had the honor and privilege of serving as casting director for Broken Crayons, a Cinema Poattica film written and directed by Alessio Cappelletti and co-produced by Mind The Art Entertainment (the entertainment networking group of which I'm a core member). A description from the director: "A microcosm of America is told through the eyes of a young recently orphaned Hispanic boy who is forced to choose between action or silence when pitted face to face with the tensions and inequalities perpetuated by a bereaved teacher."

Upon initial reading of the script, I was struck with the profound potential this piece had to hold a mirror up to society and force it to look at a problem many would argue no longer exists. Pieces like this are a true testament to the eternal relevance of the performing arts as a tool for social change. Casting challenges arose as we attempted to find the perfect actors (a majority of which needed to be under the age of 14) to work with emotionally charged and rather heavy material. We eventually were able to piece together a dream cast, however, and the uncanny ability children to imagine and pretend helped create this film.

Though my schedule didn't permit me to participate on set, I'm proud to have taken part in this brilliantly conceived and executed piece, and look forward to this film's bright future in the festival circuit and beyond. I'm constantly in awe at the talent and brilliance of my colleagues, co-workers and friends, and this piece is no exception.