Friday, August 21, 2009

Exciting News on the Platform-Front: A Brief Update

I'll admit, I've been a bit lax with my blogging lately, but don't think it's because I have nothing to write about! Quite the contrary- I've been so busy I've had a hard time keeping up! Here's just a brief update on the exciting things going on right now.

I've partnered up with Block Institute in Gravesend, Brooklyn, to develop a performing arts curriculum addition for their students ages 4-7. Block Institute serves students with developmental disabilities, and there's substantial research that supports the idea that dramatic arts facilitate strong personal and educational development in special populations groups, such as kids living with disabilities. I'll be developing a creative improvisation program linked with the existing curriculum which will culminate in a performance at the school in November. More details to follow.

I'm also doing several independent studies this semester as I begin my senior year at Empire State College to deepen my understanding of using drama as a therapeutic and educational tool. I'll also be studying theatre as a tool for social change, about which I am very excited. There are a lot of amazing groups out there that use drama to educate and promote change, and I'm thrilled to learn more! Again, more details to follow.

And finally, check out this video from the Sean Casey Animal Rescue Fundraiser I attended. It gives you a feel for the type of work Sean Casey does (and I'm in it at appx 2:25).