Saturday, August 1, 2009

Guest Ringmaster at the Coney Island Boom-A-Ring Circus!

With another excited circus goer!

Visiting with some of the stars of the show!

Introducing myself, and talking a bit about being Miss Brooklyn!

With Jason, feeling under-rhinestoned for the first time in my reign! The circus costumes were incredibly sparkly!

With my girl, Melanie, after the show!

Ellen and I "assuming the position" (we've realized we have WAY too many pictures in this pose). For those of you who don't know, Ellen is Miss Brooklyn's trainer/ surrogate mom/ booking manager!

Melanie and I with some of the talented (and very cute) Negrey Troupe!

What a night! After a slightly hectic delayed start (I got stuck on the train, and my ED Kim accidentally went to Staten Island!), I was greeted by members of the PR and Production teams of the circus, and give a backstage tour! I was able to meet some of the animals (see above), including their three beautiful Asian elephants! It was amazing to touch their gravely skin, and feel their trunks! The Ringling Bros are doing some amazing work through their Center for Elephant Conservation.

I was then escorted backstage at the big top, where I got to meet some of the performers, all of whom were very kind and welcoming! As the show started, I introduced myself and was able to talk a bit about the Miss America Organization, and the work I've done with my platform. I was then escorted to the audience, given fantastic seats with the rest of the Miss Brooklyn entourage, and got to enjoy the show!

All of the acts were incredibly impressive! There was a Wheel of Steel, Motorcycle Globe, balancing acts, clowns, an incredibly talented bicyclist, a nerve-wracking crossbow act, some amazing acrobats, jugglers, and of course, elephants and tigers!

Below is a video of an adorable daschund act. I watched in awe and amazement, and laughed to myself imagining my mother training our two (far less disciplined) daschunds to do similar tricks.

I was quite excited when I heard that the circus would be coming to Coney Island. I live only a couple of miles down the shore in Manhattan Beach, and I truly love this part of Brooklyn. It's been a rocky past couple of years for Coney Island, but additions like the circus are helping to revive the old magic that some thought this family-fun destination had lost. The Boom-A-Ring will be at Coney Island for the rest of the summer! Shows are Wednesday-Sunday, with a final performance on Labor Day (9/7). Haven't been yet? GO! Already been? GO AGAIN! Being the Guest Ringmaster at the Coney Island Boom-A-Ring Circus was quite possibly my favorite appearance of the year, not only because it was fun, but because EVERYONE I encountered was incredibly kind and enthusiastic! Thank you for a wonderful evening!