Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Last-Last Weekend- A Day of Fun in the (SUPER) Hot Sun.

It's been a busy past few weeks of work and school, but I've still been able to squeeze in some fun Miss Greater NYC events. Even more fun was that I was able to convince the beautiful Misses Catskills International, Jubilee and New York to join me! 

Our first stop on Saturday was at the School of the Future, where I had organized a class/ workshop entitled Inner Beauty/ Individuality- What Should YOUR Sash Say? Using some prompt cards I had created, participants began to think about what make them unique and awesome, and then the sash making began! We used a collage-style approach, and ended up with beautiful half pageant sash/ half Girl Scout sashes that celebrated each individual!

We could have easily continued sash-making for another hour, but we had to jet to the other side of Brooklyn for Sean Casey Animal Rescue's Summer Fundraiser! I. LOVE. DOGS. A. LOT. This is no exaggeration. Unfortunately, my fiance Joe has some serious pet allergies, so having a cute pup at home isn't a realistic part of my future, but I'll take ANY chance I get to play with dogs! 

The heat was impressive, but it was still nice to be outside, and we had the chance to take a few of the pooches out for a walk!

A very special thank you to Ellen, for putting me in contact with SCAR, and Sean Casey, for having us at the event!

With Sean and Charles- thanks for having us!

The following day was a nice, (air-conditioned) change of pace, as Ellen and I headed into Manhattan to watch the NY Liberty play the IN Fever at Madison Square Garden. Though we lost to the Fever in OT, it was a REALLY fun and exciting game!