Tuesday, February 15, 2011


This will be brief (potentially)- just a quick update on where I'm at and what's happening in my life. January was AWESOME. My one-woman show, A Woman in Progress, premiered at La MaMa E.T.C. with a really enthusiastic reception from La MaMa and the audience (pictures to follow). I was thrown a beautiful surprise bridal shower by my amazing bridesmaids. One of my best friends visited from New Mexico. The Brightest Star Awards were a huge success. I started auditioning for MFA Acting programs (NYU, USD Old Glove and FSU Asolo Rep). I made the final 25 in NYC Midnight's Tweet Me A Story Contest. I applied for a few playwrighting residencies. My mom and my sister Kieren both got wonderful new full-time jobs!

February thusfar has been pretty slammin' as well. I've continued my MFA Acting auditions (UC Irvine and Yale). My sister, Kieren, won Miss Fulton County. My one-woman show has been submitted to the NYC Fringe Festival. My students at two separate schools (PS 209 in Brooklyn and PS/MS 279 in the Bronx) have their mid-year performances this week. My entertainment company, Mind the Art Entertainment, has extended it's run of Storytime with Mr. Buttermen: Fables for Adults Living in a Modern World (in which my fiance, Joe, has written and performs). In my spare time, I'll be wedding planning (I'm getting married in 2 months)!

The next few months will be equally jam-packed, but I'm READY.