Monday, February 7, 2011

Miss Fulton County 2011

Brace yourselves- this is going to be a long one...

This local holds a special place in my heart. In my senior year of high school/ freshman year of college (I was an early admissions student at FMCC, so I did both at the same time), I competed at Miss Fulton County- my introduction to the Miss America Organization. I was 17 and quite honestly had no idea what I was doing. I did know that I loved community service (I was doing a lot of work with the Ronald McDonald House at the time), I loved dancing and I could really use some financial assistance for college. The Miss Fulton County Organization ran several workshops encompassing paperwork, on stage presentation, mock-interviews and even wardrobe assistance (lending out wardrobe pieces to girls who haven't been able to secure outfits for each phase of competition). It was a crash course in what would become a huge part of my future, and I was very grateful for the encouragement I received. I placed third runner up and walked away with a $750 scholarship and a tremendous confidence boost. 

My sisters Kieren and Courtney both attended FMCC and had the opportunity to compete at Miss Fulton County. In 2009, my youngest sister, Courtney, competed in and won Miss Fulton County- her first MAO local pageant! In addition to their impressive scholarship offerings (Courtney received $4,000 for winning), the Miss Fulton County Organization provided her with tremendous support in her preparations for Miss New York, along with the backing of the entire county.

Kieren competed several times in Miss Fulton County as a student at FMCC, and improved each year, but never placed. When my family relocated to Fulton County last fall under stressful circumstances, it was difficult to maintain a positive outlook. A silver lining to what was a trying and difficult time for my family was that Kieren would be eligible to participate in this wonderful program in her last year of age eligibility in the Miss America Organization. 

 I took the late train Friday evening after work to Albany so I could be there Saturday AM to do Kieren's makeup for her interview!

Looking beautiful before her interview!

Once Kieren was on her way to her interview, my mom and I began a baking frenzy for the MFC bakesale! I named these Snow-Capped Cupcakes, because I'm a nerd, and I name EVERYTHING. Kieren returned home to relax for a bit after her interview.

In true MFC tradition, the weather was RIDICULOUS immediately preceding the pageant, so I volunteered to do the shoveling/ clean off the cars (partially because I'm a fool, but also because I'm nice and didn't want Kieren ruining her fake tan in the snow)! Before we knew it, it was time to head over to the Gloversville High School for the pageant!

I was joined by my longtime friend (and Mr. Greater NYC 2010), Daniel Cimino!

The ladies rocked out during opening number!

The lovely Heather, Miss Fulton County 2010, talked about her year.

Kieren in On-Stage Question.

During intermission, I caught up with some friends!

Amy Valenti- Miss Finger Lakes 2010, Courtney Sheridan- Miss Empire Rose 2010, Claire Buffie- Miss NY 2010, and myself.

Kieren in Evening Wear.

My homegirl Colleen in Evening Wear!

Isn't she gorgeous? Congratulations, Heather, on an amazing year!

Former Miss Fulton County's line up on stage for the 40th Anniversary!

A 3-way tie for Miss Congeniality! Congratulations Kieren, Colleen and Misty!

Congratulations Amanda- Talent and Interview Winner and 2nd RU!

Congratulations to Danielle Trumbull- 1st RU! Way to go, girl! 

And the winner of a $5,040 scholarship and the new Miss Fulton County 2011 is...

(Special Thanks to Amy Valenti for the video- I get horribly nervous watching and always forget to film this part). 

KIEREN SHERIDAN! WAHOOOOOOO! (Insert screaming, tears and cheering here)

Kieren is one of the hardest workers and most dedicated individuals I know (of course, I'm biased), and will make an AMAZING Miss Fulton County.

(I stole this photo from Connie)

Shawn had the best weekend ever- Kieren won Miss Fulton County and the Packers won the Superbowl...

Kieren and my super proud parents!

My favorite photo of the evening! Coming home after the after-party!

As always, the Leader Herald provided great morning-after coverage of the pageant! Check it out here.