Monday, March 22, 2010

Miss Mohawk Valley 2010!

I'm so glad I was able to attend this weekend's Miss Mohawk Valley pageant! As always, the production was phenomenal, (I'm officially nominating Miss Mohawk Valley for best pageant soundtrack 2010, with such hits as "I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred for SS and "Gettin' Jiggy With It" by Will Smith for crowning).

The competition was fierce- talents were strong across the board, the contestants were all stunningly beautiful, and everyone seemed so put-together!

Congratulations to 4th runner up- Jennifer Wolf, 3rd runner up- Lauren Crandall, 2nd runner up- Danielle Trumbull, 1st runner up, Colleen Gagne, and... drumroll please....

MISS MOHAWK VALLEY 2010, KIEREN SHERIDAN!!!!! YESSSSSSS!!!! Ok, so obviously I'm biased- I'm her sister- but I can say without reserve that Kieren has worked harder than anyone I've ever met to achieve her goal of competing in the Miss New York State Pageant this summer. As someone who's known her, well, her entire life, it's such an awe-inspiring experience to look back at who and where she was when she began participating in the Miss America Organization, and the progress she has made since. And she's had her fair share of close calls- before winning today, she was 1st runner up at Miss Empire Rose 2009, Miss Lake Country and Miss Central Region 2009, Miss Finger Lakes 2010 and Miss Empire Rose 2010. I'm asked all of the time about competing with my sisters, and I constantly tell people how grateful I am to have found such a powerful and life-changing hobby that I share with my sisters. Both have blossomed into such tremendously inspiring individuals, and I am so grateful to the Miss America Organization for all we've gained from it. 

From L to R, Heather Schaffer- Miss Fulton County 2010, Courtney Sheridan- Miss Empire Rose 2010, Me, Kieren Sheridan, Miss Mohawk Valley 2010, Amy Valenti- Miss Finger Lakes 2010 and Katie Birchenough- Miss Albany 2010

Myself with the beautiful Colleen Gagne- 1st Runner Up. I love this girl. Seriously.

Team Sheridan. With kind of messy hair... There was a lot of jumping and hugging going on...

Kieren and Shawn- pageant boyfriend extraordinare. He's been around so long, he's practically a Sheridan.

Special thanks to Amy Valenti, Miss Finger Lakes 2010, who recorded the crowning (this is her video, above)!

 Unfortunately, due to her severe food allergies, she couldn't enjoy her hard-earned cake!