Saturday, May 1, 2010

This Weekend...

...Will be awesome. Here's the reader's digest version.


Opening Ceremony for Sakura Matsuri at Brooklyn Botanical Garden. 11:15a-1p. I wish I could stay longer! The weekend is full of awesome events, entertainment and activities. Be sure to stop by either today (10a-6p) or tomorrow (10a-7p).

Miss Greater NYC, Miss Southeast NY and Miss Liberty photo shoot with Bianca Thomas- Brooklyn Bridge and Times Sq- 2-5p.

And then I'm off to NJ to meet up with my old pal Daniel. We'll grab some dinner together and then hopefully get to sleep at a reasonable hour, because tomorrow is...

Yep. Daniel and I are two of 4,500 runners who'll brave this insanity (check out the course here). What is the Tough Mudder? you ask... From their website: 

Tough Mudder is the TOUGHEST one day event on the planet. This is not your average mud run or boring, spirit-crushing road race. Our 7 mile obstacle courses are designed by British Special Forces to test all around toughness, strength, stamina, fitness, camaraderie, and mental grit. Forget about your race time. Simply completing the event is a badge of honor. Not everyone will finish, but those who do make it to our post-race party will have truly earned the right to call themselves a Tough Mudder. All Tough Mudder sponsorship proceeds go to our exclusive charity partner,The Wounded Warrior Project.

I'll be arriving early for a series of pre-event interviews (evidently they don't have a ton of pageant contestants competing, and think it's cool I'm giving it a try). I'm in the Grey Group, so my start time is 12p (though I'll be in the holding pen at 11:15... a necessary step when each start group contains 500 participants). I'll slog through the 7 mile challenge and complete all the obstacles (don't I sound confident?), and then join my friend Daniel (who was in the red start group and has been done for about an hour) at the awesome afterparty!

Enjoy the photos below from the Tough Mudder website for a taste of what my Sunday will be like. It's a good thing I enjoy getting dirty. And sweaty. And exhausted. I'm weird like that, I guess...