Friday, May 28, 2010

My fitness sponsor (/business manager/ adopted mom) is AWESOME.

Many personal trainers wear multiple hats when providing services to their clients- motivator, friend, psychotherapist...etc. MY fitness sponsor does all that, gives me insanely hard workouts, and doubles as a booking manager/ personal clothier/ PR representative/ adopted mom (which is a relief to my mom, since KierenCourtney and I keep her pretty busy)...

Ellen Stein, herself a 7 Time Masters IPF World Powerlifting Champion, is no stranger to competition, and has been a tremendous motivator, not only helping me prepare for the Miss New York pageant, but also helping me succeed in my other athletic endeavors (see my post on Tough Mudder to learn more about my newfound addiction to endurance challenges). This woman knows her stuff. And she knows me- well. To keep my attention from flagging and incorporate my natural propensity for dance and movement, she devises grueling workouts using Russian Kettlebells, Sandbags, TRX... My body has been completely transformed (in a good way) by the work I've done with her, and I'm so grateful. 

Ellen and I started working together in the spring of 2009 after I won the title of Miss Brooklyn and she agreed to donate her services as a fitness sponsor, and she's been around ever since! Ellen knows EVERYONE in Brooklyn, and was responsible for hooking me up with my wonderful hair sponsor, Joe of J Taylor Salon in Bayridge, and booking me for some of my favorite appearances- helping out at Sean Casey Animal Rescue, being the Guest Ringmaster at the Coney Island Boom-A-Ring Circus last year, and this summer, throwing out the first pitch at a Brooklyn Cyclones game (date TBD- check back later), attending a NY Liberty game... 

Even though being a community liason and incredibly dedicated personal trainer might seem like going above and beyond, her generosity doesn't end there. This is where the adopted-mom part comes in. Because Ellen is there for me, always. She comes to my pageants. She comes to my birthday party. She comes to my appearances. She makes sure I'm caffeinated. She brings me clothes that she bought and decided she didn't like. She checks in on me. She sends me more emails in a day than most people receive in a week. She brags about me to EVERYONE she meets (in true mom-fashion). And she never, ever, expects anything in return. She's become one of my dearest and most loyal friends, and I'm so grateful to have her in my life!  

Ellen's website is coming soon. For now, here's her contact info:

Ellen Stein
7 Time Masters IPF World Powerlifting Champion
ACE, NASM, NSCA-CPT, CPR/ AED/ First Aid Certified
RKC/IKFF Kettlebell Certified
L.I.F.T. Sandbag Certified, TRX Certified