Thursday, June 24, 2010

Miss NY Day 3 and Interview!

The week is flying by! Yesterday was day 3 of Miss New York, and we spent most of the day rehearsing for what I can GUARANTEE will be a phenomenal production! All of the contestants are stunningly beautiful, the production numbers are FIERCE, the space is immaculate and the set is gorgeous. What more could you ask for? 

We took a lunch/ fun break between rehearsals to visit Town and Country Lanes in Guilderland. I LOVE BOWLING. And I'm terrible at it (my high score yesterday was a 68), but it was really nice to spend some time relaxing and having fun with the other contestants. 

I bowled a strike! (I rolled two gutter balls in the next frame...)

With my fellow contestants at Town & Country Lanes for a bowling party!

It was a busy day, but Kent was nice enough to let us out of rehearsal a little early to rest up for interviews. I'm the 12th contestant, and had my interview at around 10:30a today. The judges are very friendly, which goes a long way in making a contestant feel comfortable. I'm excited to see them again on Friday and Saturday!