Saturday, June 5, 2010

My mom is superwoman.

Pageants can be expensive. This is no secret. In addition to travel expenses, promotional materials for your platform, time (which is money) and fundraising, there's the pageant wardrobe- a massive, looming, multi-faceted entity; the acquisition of which leaves you feeling like a hero in a Greek tragedy on an epic quest.

That's me, retrieving the final piece of a super awesome pageant wardrobe that makes me feel great! And the sword means it's free! (Who's going to ask you to pay for something when you're holding a sword?) Ok, fine,  maybe it's Jason the Argonaut retrieving the Golden Fleece. You get the idea, though...

Interview outfit, opening number dress, talent costume, swimsuit, evening gown, on stage question dress, jewelry, shoes.... Scary, right? Now multiply that by three (my sisters, Kieren and Courtney, are also competing for Miss NY this year). I'll be honest- the wardrobe has always and forever been the thing about pageants that most intimidates me. Money has always been an issue, and admittedly, it's unfortunately easy to get caught up in what everyone else is wearing, and how beautiful and new their wardrobes look, and who designed what, etc. etc.

Instead of high-end designer wardrobes, Kieren, Courtney and I are incredibly lucky in another way! We've got supermom! She sews! She alters! She bedazzles! She's taught us to look at a piece of clothing and see what it could be, instead of just what it is now. I am the queen of reworking pieces I already own, and my mom has the technical know-how (or experimental courage) to make it happen. And I just have to give her a quick shout out, because she is currently kicking her superpowers into overdrive to get everything done by June 21st. For the upcoming Miss New York competition, my mom is making my swimsuit, Kieren's swimsuit, Courtney's talent costume, my talent costume, and my interview dress. For real. Additionally, she'll be nipping/ tucking/ stitching/ adorning anything else that we found that needs a little lovin' to make it extra special!

I'm taking suggestions for a VERY NICE (yet affordable) thank you to give/ do for my mom once the craziness of this month passes- suggestions?