Monday, June 14, 2010

My Super Fabu Extended Weekend!

My crazy awesome past few days, in a nutshell...

On Wednesday, I flew to Albuquerque to see my beautiful friend, Kira Hirschfeld, the current Miss Albuquerque who will compete for the title of Miss New Mexico on Friday, June 18th. I'll be honest; I kind of FORCED Kira to become involved in the Miss America Organization. We've been friends since we met at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in 2004, and over our years of friendship I've come to realize that Kira is a perfect fit for this program. She's fiercely intelligent, extraordinarily talented, passionate about her community, and gorgeous. She placed in the Top 10 last year (her first year of competition), and I think she has the potential to take it all this year! I'm so excited for her!!!

Kira and I being supermodels during a hiking trip in beautiful New Mexico!

I had originally intended to be there to watch her compete at Miss NM, but after some date changing, I ended up visiting the week before, which turned out to be just as great because I got to help her get ready and spend time with her before she left for Miss NM! Be sure to keep her in your thoughts and send good vibes her way!!!

Kira and I going to hear Le Chat Lunatique- AWESOME Albuquerque-based musicians.

I arrived in Newark at 6p Sunday night, and after a luggage-fiasco and mad dash from Penn Station, arrived just in time to speed-dress and take part in the 2010 Inaugural Mr. New York Pageant, organized by NYC Pageants (a HUGE shout out to Claire, Cassie and Rene)!

Visting titleholders with our awesome MC for the evening- Chris Saltalamacchio! From left to right- Inga, Me, Claire, Chris, Cassie, Jennifer, Mallory, Faren and Jackie- THANKS for your support, ladies!!!

Mr. Staten Island (and now Mr. NY) performing talent. He. was. amazing.

Congratulations to Jeoffrey Watson, Mr. Staten Island, for his well-deserved win! He's going to make an awesome Mr. NY! Also congratulations to ALL of the contestants- these guys were WONDERFUL. We couldn't have hoped for a better group, especially in our first year! I also want to thank all of the wonderful volunteers (judges, concessions, stage assistance) who helped make the event possible!!!

With the dashing Mr. Greater NYC and high score winner in On Stage Question- my dear friend, Daniel. He cleans up nice, doesn't he? (See my post about us running the Tough Mudder... Yep, it's the same guy!)

AND another special thanks to my multi-talented adopted mom/ booking manager/ fitness sponsor, Ellen Stein, for volunteering to judge!